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The Company

Prospectors Aerolevantamentos e Sistemas gathers the technical knowledge, specialties and possibilities by using advanced and innovating technologies and solutions of project engineering and challenges in the exploration of natural resources areas for oil and gas, minerals, underground waters and geothermal sources and regional geologic mapping.

The main target of Prospectors is to provide services for mineral exploration and mapping clients in two main areas: Brazil and Latin America, and becoming more active in other countries as opportunities are planned and contemplated.


Research & Development

Prospectors is one of the few companies with a broad multinational base with high technology within the mineral surveys sciences, whose mission and corporate policy include a serious compromise of the company with R&D.

The objective of this compromise is to develop advanced methods whose purpose is to improve quality of our services and satisfaction of our clients worldwide.



Prospectors - Rua do Mercado, 17 - 10 Andar - Centro
Rio de Janeiro - RJ (Brasil) CEP: 20010-120
Telephone: +55 21 2502-2526 Fax +55 21 2221-1462